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These days I spend my days googling — working on ways that use machine learning, augmented reality and other buzzwords to create composable expressive experiences for Google.

❒ Noto Emoji Font ❒ UX for Gboard | Design team: Shiraz Fuman, Erik Carter
As the creative director for Google's emoji program I have the honor to serve on the Unicode subcommittee. In addition to designing and creating emoji proposals I also work with products across google to improve their emoji prediction models and emoji experiences.
❒ Minis ❒ Creative Direction | Design team: Shannon May, Ryan Sands, Helen Tseng | 
One of my first projects at the goog was to craft a feature called "minis" that uses a combination of neural networks and artistry to turn your selfie into a personalized emoji sticker pack. Snap a selfie and it’ll return a illustrated version of you, generated on the fly, with customization options so you can personalize the images. 
❒ Camera Effects ❒ Design Team: Erik Carter, Emily Meinhardt, Tracy Ma, Zach Lieberman
We live in a a selfie culture and photography in the form of a selfie is a very direct form of expression. Illustration, on the other hand, empowers people to define themselves - it’s warmer and less fraught than reality. Our team created nearly 100 dumb camera effects for gboard, Duo, Allo, and Android Messages.

I love illustrating science books — ‘The Origins of (Almost) Everything’ takes a look at the Universe's origin stories.

βœ† Research β˜ƒ Illustration βœ„ Design | Introduction by Stephen Hawking | Written by Graham Lawton | Edited by Georgina Laylock and Katie Rogers 
Fast Company calls it "best-looking sciencebook ever created."
No big deal. 

I also write kids books — Infographics even a child could understand. 

βœ† Research β˜ƒ Illustration βœ„ Design | Edited by Jenny Bloom | Additional research by Simon Rogers | Published by Big Picture Press

I surround myself by folks who are smarter than I am— my best years at the NYT were spent collaborating on all aspects of a story. Picking up the phone and calling experts, dabbing with code, drawing, writing, and eating Schnippers.

Battle Cries, New York Times | βœ„ Design ⚑ Coding β˜ƒ Illustration ✎ Writing | Produced with Tom G and Wilson Andrews

Editing is about strengthening the idea of a story. Design is often a bullshit word to articulate that process.

Killing Bin Laden, Bloomberg Businessweek | βœ„ Designer ✎ Writer | πŸ•΅ Editor: Barrett Sheridan

Words mean things — my writing style is best described as throwing together letters that form words that hopefully convey ideas.

Witches in America?" for the New York Times Book Review | β˜ƒ Illustration | Art Director — Matt Dorfman

You may have noticed by now that I have no drawing vanity — can barely draw so my pieces are 90% idea 10% execution.

Let Twitter Be Twitter for New York Magazine | β˜ƒ Illustration | Art Director — Karishma Sheth

I love working with a limited set of rules to tell a story — which is probably why reworking ascii appeals to me.

New Yorker | Art Director: Nicholas Blechman

… and minesweeper — everywhere I go I see minesweeper

Favorite Video Games, Medium.com | β˜ƒ Illustration | βœ„ Art direction: Erich Nagler

When not googling, I find comfort in structured drawings — using the abstract language of shapes, patterns, and the established rules of geometry brings me a lot of joy. I don't know why. I don't need to know why, I just do it.

A selection from my sketchbooks

Experimentation and collaboration —  Doesn’t stop with working in media or in “tech”. I’m not sure what I am gonna do next and that usually leads me some new.

Gone Skating | βœ„ Design | πŸ› Hacking: Chris Allick
 Bordo Bello Skateboard Auction